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Field Photography Program, Cataloochee Valley Brunch. Left to right: Sandy Martin, Bob Grytten, Charles Johnson, Teresa Brothers, Beverly Slone.  Photo by Michael Ritter

June 15, 2012 Photo Awards Headwaters Brewery, Waynesville , NC

Awqard winners: Charles Johnson; Jo D’Eramo; Sanday Martin - Congratulations!!

Field Photography - Sept. 4- Oct. 2, 2012 Waynesville, NC Lens Lugger take additional 30% discoundt - more…

Think Vertical with a wide angle lens…

All photos over the Atlantic in South Carolina, by Bob Grytten

Field Photo Program Spring Light in Nature

Michael Ritter, Jo D’Eramo, Bob Grytten at Harmon Den.

Join us for the next series of Field Shoots beg. Sept 4, 2012

Photo by Sandy Martin

Lens Luggers Write…


Bob , Going to Europe and I am wondering about insurance on a camera? G.C., Waynesville, NC


I have an Inland Marine Policy from my regular carrier Farm Bureau Insurance. All my camera and computer stuff is covered 100% for any loss, mysterious or otherwise or accident, no deductible - premium is about 1% of the retail value.

About Customs, take your receipts with you for what you take, in case US customs questions where you bought it when you re-enter the US.

Have fun. Good Luck.

Bob     (see more at Question Corner)

Star Trails by Dennis Oakley
April 17, 2015

This images also won 2nd place for Landscape in the members choice contest, Carolina Nature Photographers Association Annual Meeting

It was taken in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.  It is a composite photo.  The way I made the star trails was using the following steps:

 I pointed the camera due south towards the Southern Cross (using an iPhone compass)

 I took an image of the baobab tree at dusk at 1/400 second.  I then set up my intervalometer  to take a series of 30 second exposure of the stars until the battery ran out.  I got over 300 exposures.  The camera was set at ISO 400 and f/4.  The lens was set at 12mm.
 Using Photoshop I composted the 300 30 second exposures of stars into star trails by using the Lighten Blend mode. After that I flattened the star trails into one layer. I then composted the star trails onto the Baobab tree and flattened the file.


People’s Choice Award…    

Each month a Lens Lugger will be selected for their image’s popularity. Each winner will receive a certificate of that recognition plus a product award. Contact Bob Grytten at  bobgry@ail.com with your  choice. Images that appear in our Blog qualify.