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Bob , Going to Europe and I am wondering about insurance on a camera? Grace


I have an Inland Marine Policy from my regular carrier Farm Bureau. All my camera and computer stuff is covered 100% for any loss, mysterious or otherwise or accident, no deductible - premium is about 1% of the retail value.

About Customs, take your receipts with you for what you take, in case US customs questions where you bought it when you re-enter the US.

Don't advertise your equipment to thieves. I take a nondescript back pack and put my stuff in it wrapped in a towel or old heavy sock, and carry it on the plane.

Have fun. Good Luck.



Hey Bob,

I need some input on a polarizer. I am looking to buy a 77 mm and after looking at the B&H website I am confused. They all sound about the same (more or less) but range from $40 - $440. Any advise, input or education would be appreciated. -----  Michael


Here is a site that may be helpful - http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews/B-W-77mm-MRC-Circular-Polarizer-Filter-Review.aspx.

I purchased a Moose Peterson POL from Hoya because it put the hue color back vs. the gray for $78 ±. I think the saturation of color is less important for digital esp when NX2 has such a nice color booster. And sometimes I WANT the glare of water on rocks, etc, etc. Good tool but only a tool - will not save a poor composition etc, etc.   ---   Bob


Hey Bob,                                               

I have a good friend that is having a problem recovering critical images from a card.  Do you have someone or know a software solution such that he can recover these images???   Here is his message...

<<From Tom Tussey at ttdigital@tusseyphoto.com


Hi Dale, I hope you can help...any ideas would be appreciated. I shot a location job Friday, equipment shots, large group photos, etc. and my deadline to FTP image files to the publisher is today....I think I can get an extension. I get the message, “disk not readable on this computer” or in the camera,”card not formatted, format card with this camera”, Canon 5D MKII. All images were readable in the camera on the LCD until I put it back in the camera and then it said, "card not formatted". I’ve tried on 3 macs and my windows xp os and this Transcend16 GB card shows up as about 30 megs on all of the recovery programs. I tried card rescue and PC Inspector Smart Recovery and a few others but would love to hear your advise. I may be able to get an extension on the due date if there is a chance the files can be recovered. There is about 150 cr2 raw files on the disk. Do you know of a service I could send it to so they could bypass the controller on the card and get the image files off of it? If you can't get back to me on your bday, I understand. All my best, Tom 314-807-2591

Thanks in advance for your help.  Feel free to contact Tom directly if needed.>>


Tom's problem is not that uncommon and I have surely experienced it myself. This situation can arise when the CF media is removed too quickly from the camera, particularly when data is still being written. CF cards also stop working at some point, so I never keep them 'forever.' I date them when I buy them and stop using them after a year or two (at the most) when using CF cards for professional events.

I have tried many data rescue applications and the one I prefer and strongly recommend is one called PHOTO RESCUE WIZARD by datarescue.com

Download: http://www.datarescue.com/photorescue/v3/index.htm  (file size is approximately 6.8MB)

It is formatted for Mac OSX and for Windows both. The latest non-beta WIZARD version is (OS X) - last updated on April 11, 2011. I use the WIZARD version and have never needed the advanced ($99) version. They still have the EXPERT version but plan to discontinue that option.

It is the best $29 a photographer will ever spend, believe me! 

Remember: photo data recovery is impossible if you format or over-write the problem CF card. Be sure also to use a standard USB card reader to put the CF card on your desktop for data rescue operations (do not plug your camera into your PC and try transfer the data that way). PHOTO RESCUE will find it even if you can't see it on your desktop.

I also keep Prosoft's DATA RESCUE (version 3 now) on my desktop for digital data recovery for my high-end Mac Pros: http://www.prosofteng.com/products/data_rescue.php 

(However, I think you should try Photo Rescue Wizard first...it probably will do the job.)

Good luck.

Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph

Tallassee, TN

ps. I have never heard of the Transcend brand but I would trash it or get your money back or

something...not all CF cards are equal...


Bob; The Lens Luggers website is delightful!  I spent about an hour wandering around in it last night. I do want to put my Canon Zoom Lens EF 100-400mm 1.45 - 5.6 L IS ultrasonic on the site.  What is the charge?

Sandy M, Waynesville, NC USA

No charge Sandy - part of the Membership package.  -- Bob


“Bob, …web site is very nice. Glad Mama and you are doing well and enjoying yourselves in North Carolina. Looks like everyone is having fun especially the old guy with the white beard.”

Jim B, St. Petersburg, FL USA



I think the site rocks! Really well done.

We come up the 10th of May.

Duke M, Anna Maria Island, FL USA


“Bob, Glad to hear that your members are on the ball. There are so many others that don't hunt for the terms and even if they find them don't know how to read them.  In researching the original article and the update, I read so many of them and perhaps 1 in 100 were ok ... even the big names were terrible.  As for the sponsors (big name camera companies, lens companies, photo software co's and  photo magazines, etc.) you wonder if anyone in the company bothers to read them to really see what the organizers are asking for in their name.”

 Noella Ballenger, Professional Photographer, Columnist, Educator. LaCanada, CA USA


Hi Bob, Yep. Ya gotta be careful! I've passed up many, many contests for this very reason.....they want all rights to your photos.   Nope! Not gonna happen!  Thx, Linda, Tampa, FL USA

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